I'm Craig Smith. This is the bouncing off point for the various projects I'm involved in.

I'm in a couple of bands. My main band is The Scaremongers. Our (first? only?) album is Born In A Barn, and even my wife was complimentary, which a) was an unexpected shock and b) suggests that it really isn't bad. My second band is The Ephemerals, which started off as a solo project but ended up as a collaborative venture with a bunch of strong-armed pals with myself and my friend Mike Mann at the heart of it. We put together an album of material called Love Songs from the Feral Park. The website's here, though I'm embarrassed to say that after a year it still needs a bit of work.

Over the years, I have had three books published. The latest is a novel called Super-8, published by Kennedy and Boyd. The one before that was a long poem called A Quick Word with a Rock and Roll Late Starter, which was ushered into being by the good people at Rue Bella. And many years ago, I shared a poetry collection with Jackie Stead - my half was called L.O.V.E. Love, Jackie's was Now She Is Old. It was released under the imprint Smith-Doorstop, (no relation). I have a second novel called Jalopies edited to second draft, but it's a long way off being ready for public consumption.

For reasons too cosmic to understand, I find myself organising events, which astounds me, as I am shockingly disorganised. I'm on the Committee for Ignite London. I'm also one of the organisers for Ignite Leeds, along with Imran Ali. Rolling up my experiences of the two, I wrote a long article entitled Things I've Learned From Ignite. And I co-organised Ignite Music in London in April 2011 with Rob Dix from Partisan PR, which went fantastically well. Plans for a second iteration fell through, though maybe after Rob gets back from New York in October we can give it another whirl.

One of the best things I've done since moving to London is co-found the Hyde Park Irregulars with my friend Bruce Connal. It's a loose collective of people who meet roughly once a week in Hyde Park to play football. If you fancy a game, get in touch. We're very friendly, very encouraging and I'd like to think we play nice football.

I worked for O'Reilly for 12 years, but got laid off in January 2011. Among other things, I ran the GMT blog, spoke at the Open Hardware Conference and Guest Lectured at St Martin's School of Innovation and ULIM University in Milan. I'm now employed as an Executive Commissioning Editor for John Wiley and Sons working on the UK Computing list, and a very fine time I'm having there, too!

I built and run websites for a couple of friends of mine. The first was for Simon Armitage, poet, novelist, songwriter, presenter etc, with whom I started The Scaremongers. Simon and I have known each other for over 25 years, back when we attended Peter Sansom's poetry workshops. And latterly I built a site for the artist Lyndon Hayes, who did the covers for The Scaremongers singles and album. Lyndon was a bookseller at Blackwells on Charing Cross Road when I first came across him, and I was one of the first people to buy his paintings. I'm a massive fan of the work of each of these very talented people, and I'm proud to be able to tell you they are both lovely blokes.

I occasionally blog at clattermonger. For a long time, I had a blogger blog, which is here. There are loads of links to lots of unpublished writing I've done.

I'm smithylad on, smithylad on Twitter,, smithylad on the Word blog and therealsmithylad on Skype.